Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clearing my head

By Mike Batista

One last thing about the Steelers' loss to the Jets before we look ahead to tonight's game against the Panthers.

I was already sick of the Mark Sanchez public service announcement about women's heart health that constantly plays on KDKA the Fan, then that overhyped pretty boy goes out and beats the Steelers.

Of course, that's not the only spot that's been overplayed on TV and radio during the holiday season. Which Christmas car commercial are you most sick of? Vote in my poll.

If you're a Pittsburgh sports fan, you're likely to see each of those nauseating Hyundai, Honda and Lexus commercials at least a dozen times tonight during either the Penguins-Capitals game or the Panthers-Steelers game. The question is, which game will you be watching? Vote in my other poll.

Finally, a little bit of actual football talk. The Steelers are making the right move sitting Troy Polamalu tonight. If they can't beat the 2-12 Panthers at home without Polamalu, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Then, if the Steelers need to win in Cleveland on Jan. 2 to get that crucial first-round bye, Polamalu has another 10 days to rest, in addition to the 11 days that he's already rested.

Kickoff's in four and a half hours. Go Steelers!

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