Sunday, October 2, 2011

Steelers on TV in most of country

By Mike Batista

Greetings yinzers and non-yinzers alike. It's Gameday.

While today's game might not be a home game for the Steelers, most non-yinzers, including myself, will be able to watch the game at home. CBS is showing it in most of the country.

You know what that means? It means I'll be tweeting about the game today with eight fingers instead of two thumbs since I'm using my home computer instead of my smart phone.

So if you're not doing it already, today might be a good day to start following me on Twitter at Steel_Tweets. I'll have lots of good stuff there.

Tough one today. The Texans (2-1) want to finally say "Wait 'til this year" instead of "Wait 'til next year." Maybe I'm not paying enough attention to the NFL, but I'm just not sold on Matt Schaub being an upper echelon NFL quarterback. Let's hope today doesn't turn into his coming-out party.

One thing's for sure. Either the Steelers (2-1) or Texans will get their first win over a legitimate team today. Both teams have beaten the Manning-less Colts, although the Texans did it much more comfortably. The Steelers' other win came over the Seahawks, and the Texans beat the winless Dolphins.

That's all I got for now. Keep checking in. I'll be here all day.

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