Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers 2012: The Terrible Towel Waves Again

Dear Steelers,

I'm sorry that I placed my Terrible Towel over the DVD shelf while watching you play the Broncos in the playoffs last season. We now know that's bad luck. It won't happen again.

Since Tim Tebow threw his last good pass, the Terrible Towel has not been moved from that shelf. Rather than putting it into a drawer for the offseason, for some reason I just left it there.

While waiting for the 2012 season to arrive and wash out the bitter taste of your sudden demise, I have placed various trinkets on top of the Terrible Towel to mark the passage of time. First was my palm from Palm Sunday. Then came medals from road races I ran in June and on Labor Day.

It had been 14 years since I last ran a road race. Hines Ward's career began and ended during my hiatus from road racing. In between, I consumed a lot of beer, wings, pizza and nachos while watching you guys.

If I can lose 25 pounds and run road races for the first time since I was 26, you guys can, you know, win a seventh Super Bowl.

I will do my part by taking the Terrible Towel off the shelf and waving it again.

What do you say?


Mike Batista

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  1. What's up, Mike. I love your stuff, especially on Bleacher Report. I wanted to mention a new sports/comedy blog you might appreciate:

    Two writers --- a Steelers fan who is currently posting this comment, and one of his dumb-ass buddies who despite all societal standards likes the Browns -- are publishing what we deem "perhaps the most unnecessary blog of all time," Browns Fan Vs. Steelers Fan. If you like a combination of stats, insults, perspective, local sports history, fake poems penned by five-year-olds, sports/talk radio and the occasional goat video, check it out.

    We’d appreciate your take and feedback, and if you deem it worthy, feel free to pass the link onto your audience. Perhaps we can exchange links?